Oyster mushrooms

Harvested Oyster mushroomsOyster mushrooms (Pleurotus spp.) are high quality, nutritious, edible mushrooms. They are rich in proteins and vitamins (30% & 44% of dry weight, respectively) and have a low carbohydrate content (6% dry weight). Oyster mushrooms have a rich flavour and superior texture; they can be dried and rehydrated with no loss of flavour or quality. In addition to being rich and nutritious, Pleurotus has been observed to have medicinal activity. The mushroom has anti-microbial properties and may be effective as an anti-tumor agent. If taken regularly, Pleurotus can stimulate the breakdown of cholesterol in the blood and liver, helping reduce the cholesterol levels.

The final stage of mushroom productionThe Farm has produced grey oyster mushrooms (P. ostreatus) and maintains stocks of several other varieties of oyster mushroom (P. pulmonaris, P. eryngii). Production begins by multiplying these cultures in vitro; they are then used to make spawn plugs in order to introduce the culture into the final feeding substrate, usually hay. The hay is kept in anaerobic conditions until the cultures have colonized the substrate. Once the first flush of mushrooms appears, it is critical to maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity to allow them to grow to full size. Please contact us for more information.